our philosophy | la filosofía

our philosophy

Food is sustenance. All food is comprised of basic molecules that provide us with the energy necessary to drive us through the days and years. Food can protect us from disease, should we choose the foods that provide us the protection. For these reasons, we believe in the power of a diet based in plant foods: colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

We also believe that food is an experience. Food allows us to explore different cultures, food is artistic and therapeutic, and can be a expression of love. Some foods remind us of fond memories of family and friends. For this reason, we fail to see a need to religiously follow a set diet. We have a category for enjoying Uncle Paul’s butter-laden creamed squash each Thanksgiving or trying a boar hotdog, should the occasion arise.

That being said, we love our city. Columbus, Ohio is full of restaurants that expose us to foreign cultures, restaurants that cater to strict dietary restrictions (hooray!) and others that serve local food. We love to explore the breadth of experience that Columbus has to offer, and look forward to sharing these experiences with our readers.



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